Like any good story, ours begins long time ago… in a land far away …with a little girl’s finicky eating habits and her father’s desperate attempts to get his daughter to eat.

Promises, stories... nothing really worked except… crespelle or better known as crepes. Filled with a great abundance of ingredients, in whatever combination desired, sweet or savory, they were always an interesting and unique meal and quite often a small source of happiness.

Twenty years later, the little girl- now a young lady, and the father, -with tens of years of experience in the food industry, decided that the versatility of the crepes and their ability to make happy even the pickiest person, could serve as a source of inspiration for a special gourmet moment.

Located in beautiful Florida, Crespelle LLC is a state of art manufacturing company dedicated to produce the most desirable and safe crepes. Our products serve as a perfect starting point for those who want a way to create amazing appetizers, imaginative main courses or decadent desserts.

Having a dedicated and very experienced team and using a mixture of artisanal and industrial processes, together with a stringent Quality Assurance System (based on a HACCP plan) Crespelle LLC is inviting you to enjoy our crafted sweet delights.

Enjoy or... Buon Appetito or... Bonne Appetite